Information about next year´s Odraz

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In 2010 the travelling conference Odraz will be organized by civil society organization Tempus ludi, o.s.. This was founded in 2007 and is formed by five members (near future should bring expansion of this team not only for the needs of Odraz).

We are hoping that we can arrange for The Center for free time and recreation Štědronín on the Orlík dam for the conference to take place in. This facility has a capacity of 150 people and would provide excellent conditions for organizing Odraz.

The time frame should consist of at least 2 independent tracks. One will be focused mainly on practical problematics of LARP organization and other freetime activities with LARP elements, the second infomative branch will focus mostly on LARP teories. In case of significant interest from foreigners we are ready to prepare a track entirely in English. Also, we are considering the option of expanding the Odraz conference by one extra day.

The team of organizers has already started to work on preparations and therefore we would like to offer all potential participants and interested to write us on how they imagine this conference. Above all we would like to direct this to all those who would be interested in creating and presenting lecture(s) and ask them to register in the form below. This is not meant as a binding sign-on but to simplify organization by gathering contacts.

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